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Planning Projects with Home Owners and Designers

We work with home owners and designers to accomplish a design you need. We will provide you with our professional consultation to best of our knowledge arranging design and colors.

Color Consultation

We work closely with home owners, home designers and business owners on behalf of making a choice on colors and design. Choosing a color can be difficult and frustrating. We provide a comfortable service when it comes to colors. Throughout years of experience in the painting and decorative industry, we can often provide our hassle free professional opinion and consultation on your project.

Project detailed by Design Interior

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Samples and finishing for a quality interior arrangement

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Import of furniture and order furniture

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Venetian Plaster imparts the glamorous look of polished marble and natural stone to your decor. This smooth finish is layered with the multi-dentine, two-tone appearance of marble surfaces, adding visual appeal and charm. The warm hues of Venetian Plaster are perfect for casual, contemporary or traditional designed rooms and homes.

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Specialty finishes achieve a unique visual appeal to a project or job. They’re what makes every job different, adds character to a room or home and achieves the ‘wow’ factor. We love to work on specialty finishes because they deliver the most satisfying outcomes for our customers by enhancing a space that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Often these finishes are specifically created for the client. A lot of these finishes start out as ideas of the homeowner and the thought of what if this idea can be replicated on a wall. The answer is yes, We would love to try and create something out of your imagination!

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Old World is a unique finish that we have perfected over the years. Style possibilities of this technique are endless, creating traditional or contemporary looks. The broad color options also enhance the beautiful texture this finish creates. It can also be faux finished to imitate stone, marble, copper, metal and more!

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Faux Painting or Faux Finishing are terms used to describe a decorative paint finish that replicates the appearance of materials such as marble, wood, stone, water or clouds.

The term comes from the French word faux, meaning false, as these techniques started as a form of replicating materials, such as marble and wood with paint.

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