Multi-Color Painting

We work with Zolatone Multicolor paints, which provide a gorgeous texture to our paint jobs.

Zolatone offers a range of beautiful water-based finishes that create the perfect balance between looks and functionality, suiting both modern and contemporary interior styles.

It achieves a smooth finish over smooth walls.

Although it is priced slightly higher than regular paint, the unique, beautiful finish is definitely worth the investment.

If you’re looking for something unique that creates a wow factor in your room or entire home, contact us to discuss your needs and receive a free estimate and color sample of your choosing.

For the best results with making a decision on the right multi-color paint, you may request a Free Estimate form. We will get back with you with physical samples (Index Card Size) to help you choose the right color.

For digital samples, you can view the entire Zolatone Multi-color range at the Zolotone website.