Specialty Projects

Specialty finishes achieve a unique visual appeal to a project or job. They’re what makes every job different, adds character to a room or home and achieves the ‘wow’ factor. We love to work on specialty finishes because they deliver the most satisfying outcomes for our customers by enhancing a space that will be enjoyed for many years to come. Often these finishes are specifically created for the client. A lot of these finishes start out as ideas of the homeowner and the thought of what if this idea can be replicated on a wall. The answer is yes, We would love to try and create something out of your imagination!

Specialty finishes can be anything from changing the technique or style to an existing finish or having us create something you've seen while traveling the world!

The possibilities of specialty finishes are endless and can be altered to your liking to add that little extra touch.

Do you have a Specialty Finishes project in mind? Contact us to discuss your needs and see some examples of our work in this area.